Sharing Projects on Social Media

Your project looks awesome!! But only you and I know it... Let the world know how amazing your project is!!

Now your project is online, its time to share it with the community!
There are a couple of different ways to share your projects on your social media!
The easiest way is to share it from the project page.

(This link is only a shortcut. Find your project)

Each project has a special short link found beside the Add to Cart button. 

A new window will open for each channel, where you can write and share your message.

You can use this kind of message to share your project:

"Hey! I have just released my first BIM project on Stoor.
Hope you find it interesting and valuable.


If you want to be informed about my new projects, I invite you to follow me on Stoor:
Feedback will be appreciated"
They will certainly follow back!

And remember to tag Stoor in each social channel so we re-share your post with the global community.
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