How to setup Project Visibility

There are two options to privatize Stoor projects. You can either make a project page private or lock it with a password.

After being published, every project is set public by default. To make it private:

  1. First, find the Publish box at the top right corner of the page
  2. After that, choose Edit next to the Visibility icon
  3. Then, change from Public option to Private option
  4. Finally, hit OK and Update if the project has been published before or Publish if it’s a new project page

When projects are made private, they’re visible to editors and admins only. All other people won’t be able to find it in feeds or any search results.

In case you want some other users to view your private projects, set passwords to protect them.

Anyone with the correct password can see the protected projects. To do so, in the Publish box, instead of leaving the product public or private, change the visibility to Password protected then provide a password in the password box.