How does Stoor promote my projects?

We actively market projects and studios via the following channels:

Stoor's Newsletter Promotion

Stoor sends out a number of newsletters to help you market your projects and gain visibility in the community. You can learn more about each one below, and how to prepare your studio and projects for them:

  • Studio Updates Newsletter: This email shares top Studio Updates posted over the past week from studios you follow. As a Studio Owner, you can get ready for this email by making sure any special promotions you're running last until at least Monday, since this email goes out on a Sunday. 
  • Freebies Newsletter: This email announces all of the latest free projects of the week. This email goes out on a Monday, so if you're a studio owner who is offering a free project, check out this article to gear up for the week of the offer.
  • Blog Digest: This email announces all of the latest posts from the Stoor blog and goes out on Tuesdays.
  • Fresh Design Projects of the Week: Every week we select what we feel are the best new projects of the week to feature in this newsletter. The best way to improve your chances to get into this email is to release new items every week and to make sure that the projects that you're publishing are super high quality and stand out from the pack. Best practices include creating great project images and writing full descriptions. Having early sales and high ratings makes your project more likely to be considered for this newsletter.
  • Trending Projects: This newsletter features projects that have been popular over the past week, based on data calculated by our algorithms. 

Stoor's Social Media Promotion

Every week we select what we feel are the best new projects of the week and we share them on our Social Media Channels: