How do recommendation percentages work?

Studio Recommendation Percentage

The recommendation percentage you see under your studio's avatar on a product page is your Studio Recommendation Percentage. This is calculated by dividing all positive ratings on all of your studio's projects by the total number of ratings on all your projects:

(All positive ratings) / (Total # ratings) = Studio Recommendation %

A project with no ratings, positive or negative, counts as zero.

Example: If a studio has 20 positive ratings and a total of 21 ratings, here's how you would get the Studio Recommendation Percentage:

20/21 = 0.952

0.952 x 100 = 95%

Project Recommendation Percentage

You may also see a percentage at the bottom of a project page. This is the specific Project Recommendation Percentage. It's calculated separately from your studio’s recommendation rate. The calculation is made by dividing all positive ratings on a project by the total number of ratings it has received. 

(All positive ratings on that project) / (Total # ratings on that project) = Project Recommendation %

If you don't see a percentage here, that means that the project hasn't been rated yet. Please note that only someone who has purchased a project can rate it.