Updating, Drafting and Removing Projects

Updating, Drafting and Removing Projects

You can update projects in your Studio at any time! However, we allow you to notify your past customers of a specific project when you update project description or files for that project.

Updating Projects in your Studio

To notify all your buyers when you update a project, please do the following:

  1. On the Product Manager menu, select All Projects. On the right side of each Project, on the Actions column, click on the Edit button (pencil).
Project Actions Edit

2. Now you’re on Edit Product, you can Update your Product Description, Product Type (price, atributes, downloadable files,etc) and images.

3. Click Update and notify your buyers

Update and Draft 1 - Update

NOTE: Only your buyers with the email notification “Projects you’ve purchased are updated” checked on will receive a notification. If a customer wants to update the project, they’ll be able to log into their account to download the latest version of the project for free from the project page or their purchases

Updating project on WordPress Backend

If you want to have superpowers while updating your project description, you can try with WordPress Backend editor, where you will find new features like WPBakery Page Editor and iFrames.

Project Update Best Practices

To help your customers get the most out of your latest project update, here are some guidelines we recommend following when you write your project update:


  • List improvements you made to your project on the Product Description Change Log
  • Describe bugs you corrected or fixed
  • Described elements, features, or files you’ve added to enhance the project
  • Keep the update description relevant to the project being updated


  • Use this feature simply to advertise a completely different project in your Studio, without providing any details about the project you’ve updated. Please see our Studio Owner Guidelines for more information.
  • Use this feature to spam your customers about promotions you’re running in your Studio.
Answering Project Q&As

If Buyers have any question about your project, they can send you a message on “Questions and Answers” Section, next to the “Reviews”. They will first see your past Questions and Answers, and if they don’t find their required question, they will send you a new message.

Questions and Answers

You can Answer all the Customer Q&As from your Studio Dashboard, just click the “Show All Q&As” tab at the left-down side of your Dashboard.

Questions and Answers - Vendor Dashboard
Questions and Answers - Vendor Answer

Note: You’ll only see this as an option after you set the project live for sale.

Drafting Projects 

You have two options to Draft a project in Stoor:

Option 1: Set the project to draft – Project can be set live again later

When you are editting your project, find the Draft button on the Top Right side and click on it. This will save all changes on the far right, and your project is now in Draft mode and will not be visible on the marketplace.

Update and Draft 1 - Draft

Option 2: Set the Catalog Visibility – When you are editting your project, on the “Catalog Visibility” Section, you can make the project visible or you can hide it from the search engine, choosing between:

  • Shop and search results
  • Shop only
  • Search engine only
  • Hidden

Remember to click on Update save all changes on the far right.

Catalog Visibility

Note: Drafting a project will still allow your past customers to download that item from their purchases, unless you also delete project files. Please consider this before deleting project files, as customers expect to be able to download their past purchases at any time!¡

Deleting Projects 

There is only one option to Delete a project in Stoor:

Option 1: Completely delete the project

Go to your Dashboard, on Product Manager, select All Products to see all your published projects. On the right side of each project, on the Actions column, you will find “Move to the Trash” button. Once you click on it, you will automatically Delete your Project.

Project Actions Trash

Note: Deleting a project WONT ALLOW your past customers to download that item from their purchases. Please consider this before deleting project files, as customers expect to be able to download their past purchases at any time!

Oh no! I accidentally deleted a project!

Did you delete a project by mistake? Please let us know, and we’d be happy to try and restore the product. Note: Usually, when you delete one of the projects it is moved temporarily to the trash bin for 30 days. After this period the file ceases to exist, so unfortunately we will not be able to restore your project.

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