Stoor Best Practices

Stoor Best Practices

By operating a Studio, becoming an affiliate partner, or creating an account on Stoor, you agree to abide by our legal terms. This includes our usage, user-specific, privacy, and licensing terms.

Please read them carefully—they are designed to keep our members safe and happy.

In addition to our legal terms, we’ve developed site Guidelines and Best Practices (see below) in order to help everyone have the best experience possible on Stoor.

What is the difference between the Terms of Use, User-Specific Terms, Licenses, Guidelines, and Best Practices?
  1. Terms of Use, User-Specific Terms (Partner Terms, Studio Owner Terms, etc.), and Licenses: These are legal agreements that you enter into with Stoor when you create your account and/or open a Studio on Stoor. Failure to adhere to these will result in the termination of your account, closure of your Studio (if you are a Studio Owner), and could also result in legal action.
  2. Guidelines: While not legal agreements, Guidelines are mandates that Stoor has for site users. Failure to adhere to these Guidelines may result in the termination of your account. For Studio Owners, failure to adhere to the Guidelines could also result in the closure of your Studio, removal of one or more of your projects, and/or refunded sales.
  3. Best Practices: These are not mandatory, but the best and most successful Stoor members adhere to these practices. These Best Practices are especially important for Studio Owners, and we encourage Studio Owners to follow them. As a Studio Owner, following Best Practices can contribute to your success on the Stoor platform, and also helps your customers have a great experience with your Studio and projects.
Best Practices for Project Support & Communication
  • Recommend and leave positive comments on projects you like
  • Message the Studio Owner if you have specific technical questions about their project
  • Read the project description in detail and understand all software requirements before making a purchase
  • Search the Help Center or contact the Support Team for questions about your account, project licensing, or billing
  • Contact the Support Team if you don’t hear back from a Studio Owner
  • Keep in mind that Studio Owners and the Support Team may take 24-48 hours to respond
Best Practices for Community Discussions
  • Encourage and support other members and their work by offering helpful ideas
  • Be civil and respectful to others
  • Search Discussions before posting to see if the topic has already been covered
  • Use the “What Are You Working On?” area to share your work and get feedback from the community

Read the Stoor Guidelines for further information. Stoor reserves the right to moderate all discussions and commentary.

If you’re a Studio Owner, please review the Studio Owner Best Practices for further information.

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