How to configure your customer invoice

How to configure your customer invoice

  1. From your Studio Owner dashboard, go to “PDF Invoice” under “Store Settings“. This will redirect the vendor to the “PDF Invoice” page where the vendor can edit their invoice style and settings. The vendor invoice displays their earnings and invoice components against an order placed.
PDF Invoice Configuration 1 (By Vendor)

2. “Select your preferred template” from the dropdown. You can choose from our five template styles. Selecting an option provides an instant preview of the template selected which you can see by clicking on the link below.

3. Upload your company logo in the “Logo” section, by default, the logo that will be displayed is the globally set by the admin. Take a look at Reference 9 for better understanding.

4. Check the boxes for “Subtotal“, “Discount“, “Tax“, “Shipping“, “Show Payment Method” to see the order subtotal, discount given, tax imposed, shipping details applied and the payment method used by the customer to pay off the order. Reference 9 will provide a clarity on the same.

5. Add loss conditions on your invoice from the “Terms and Conditions” sections. See Reference 9 for clarity.

6. Checking the box for  “Show Customer Note” will display the note that the customer has provided at the time of purchase on your invoice.

7. Lastly, click on “Save Options” to update your preferences.

PDF Invoice Configuration 2 (By Vendor)
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