Become a Studio Owner

Become a Studio Owner

Open a Studio on Stoor

As designers ourselves, we’re building Stoor to be the site we’d want to use to buy and sell awesome architectural BIM projects.

That means giving you more control over the projects you sell, including:

  • A revenue split that favors the creators (you keep 80% of each sale)
  • No exclusivity required: sell here, on your own site, and anywhere else! We want to earn your trust, not force you into selling exclusively with us at the promise of a better deal down the road. We think you’re going to love Stoor better than anything else you’ve tried before, and we want to prove it to you!
  • No frustrating review process every time you want to sell a new project
  • Set your own prices

We’ll work hard to get your projects the promotion they deserve. We’ve also built all the tools you’ll need to track your sales, manage your Studio, engage with your customers, and handle support – all in one spot.

Head on over to the Studio Request page to learn more about why you’ll love selling your awesome architectural BIM projects on Stoor. Send us a Studio request by clicking Open a Studio. Once you click on Open a Studio, you’ll see this screen:

Vendor Registration Form

Background and experience

If you’re selling your projects somewhere else right now, include the links of those websites. If not, that’s okay! Just put “not selling anywhere right now”. 

Include also your online portfolio in this box. Note: Please make sure the portfolio included is online and linkable. Unfortunately, we cannot look at attachments or downloads for security reasons. Also, please avoid using link shorteners like when sending us links to your work.

What do you look for in new Studios?

A real human being (and architect) reviews each studio request. Here are some of the things we look for while reviewing Studio applications:

  • Excitement and wow factor: We have lots of great projects already, but we’re always excited when our studio applicants show us work that really amazes us! 
  • Uniqueness: We review many studio requests each day, and we’re looking for designers who don’t play it safe, can better understand what’s already out there, and have work that stands by itself. Catering to popular trends or a certain niche is great, but setting new trends is fantastic!
  • Quality: You’re aware that it’s the tiny details- the small style choices and finishing touches- that turn an okay design into something great. Your visual elements are just as smooth as your technical skills. Everything you create gets better and better!
  • Solid portfolio: We like to see at least 5 to 10 examples of your work to evaluate you in a complete manner. Preferably, these samples should also pertain to what you’d like to sell on Stoor. Seeing different samples from you here shows us the progress of your work.

Again, please make sure you send us a link to your online portfolio. We won’t be able to look at attachments or downloads.

We review each and every studio request closely, ensuring that we are allowing quality designers to open studio on Stoor. We also closely monitor any reports and feedback from the community regarding projects and/or studios. We respond as quickly as possible to any issues. Please let us know if you have a concern.

We will send you an email as soon as your Vendor profile has been accepted.

One like this:

From: | Best BIMs ever []

Subject: Your account on Stoor | Buy and sell BIM architecture projects from the best architects in the world

3 Welcome to Stoor

Now you’re ready to start selling your awesome BIM projects to millions of customers around the world.

Why was my request waitlisted?

If you’re on the waitlist, we want to see more stuff from you in the future. Don’t worry–not everyone gets their studio approved the first time! Take some time to expand your portfolio with new samples of your best work (because submitting the same portfolio multiple times for review will not increase the chances of your studio being accepted.) You can learn more about the things we look for right here. When you’re ready, submit a second Studio Request with links to those new items. Our team will review your work again and follow up with you. 

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