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Changing or Resetting your Password

If you DO know your old password:

You can change your password by going to your Account Settings here. You will need to enter your old password, then your new password twice (New and Verify). Finally, save your changes by clicking the green Change Password button. 

If you DO NOT know your password:

If you’re trying to change your password but don’t know your old password or can’t log into your account, please reset your password. Please note that you will need to use the email address you used to register the account. For security reasons we cannot generate a new password manually for you or change your email address.

Once you reach that page, please go through the following steps to recover your account.

1. Click "Lost your Password?

Lost Password-1

2. Once you write your email click on "Reset Password”

Reset Password

3. You will receive a Password Reset email in your Inbox.

Password reset email has been sent

4. Open your email and Click "Set Password"

5. You will need to enter your new password twice (New and Verify). Finally, save your changes by clicking the Change Password button. 

6. The next screen will show that your password has been updated - you're done!

You DO NOT need to enter anything for "Old Password," "New Password," or "Verify Password." These fields are simply here if you ever want to change your password again. Do note that the reset link will only be active for 24 hours from the time the email was sent.

Having problems resetting your password? Read more below:

Common Issues

I didn’t get my password email!

One common problem is that the email address typed into the recovery page was incorrect. If the email entered does not match the one on your account, the email will bounce and you will not receive a password reset email. Another common issue is our email gets lost in your spam folder, so please check your spam folder to make sure we didn’t accidentally slip in there. Still not getting an email from us? Shoot us an email here and let us know what email you’ve used to try to recover your account, and we’ll happily assist you.

It’s still telling me that my password is wrong. I know it’s not because I just changed it!

When you reset your password, you should automatically be logged into your account. However, if you find yourself not logged in and you’re trying to log in again but receive the message that your password is incorrect, please do the following:

  1. STOP! Don’t keep attempting to log into your account without following these steps first.
  2. Clear your browser cache and reset your browser. For Macs: When you reset your browser, please make sure you quit the program; don’t just close all the browser windows.
  3. Wait about 10 minutes. Then attempt to login again.

Tips for choosing a good password

We highly recommend that your new password follows these general guidelines:

  • Use at least 10 characters. The longer, the better!
  • Use a combination of uppercase and lower characters, numbers, and symbols
  • Change your password regularly (once every 6 months is ideal)
  • Use a password manager (recommended)

We also recommend that you DON'T do the following with your new password:

  • Share your password with anyone! That includes Stoor staff (we would never ask for your password)
  • Store your password on your computer in a word document or a paper sticky note. If you need to save passwords, use a password manager.
  • Use less than 10 characters.
  • Use your personal information to create a password, including birthdays, addresses, pin numbers, spouse’s name, nicknames, etc
  • Use your username or a variation of your username.
  • Use common words like “password”, “football”, “welcome”. Fraudsters often run through the list of top common passwords to try to gain access to accounts.
  • Use letter or number patterns like “abcdef”, “qwerty”, or “123456”.
  • Use your Stoor password for any other site. Each password you use should be unique to the site you’re using.
  • Re-use an old password. Create a brand new, unique password. Adding a “1” to the end of your old password is not sufficiently unique!
  • Use dictionary words. Password cracking software often run through the dictionary when attempting to break into an account.

I'm being asked for my old password- and I don't know it!

It sounds like you're logged into your Stoor account already! Please try the password reset process in a logged-out browser, and you should not have to supply your old password.

Still having issues? Shoot us a message here and we'll help you out.