All About Stoor's Free Projects

Together with our generous Studio Owners, Stoor offers free and high-quality projects! Any member of our community can download awesome free projects every single week as part of our Weekly Free Project.

Weekly Free Project

Weekly Free Projects are great projects offered for free, selected by our Design team each week to showcase the great designs from various studios on our site. They can range from basic projects to 3D models to high-end projects. There is 1 new projects every week, so make sure you get them before they expire! Our free projects are only free from Monday at midnight until Sunday night at 11:59 CT (UTC+0). After that, we'll offer 1 different project for free. You can download our current free project right over here!


What can I do with a free project? What license comes with it?
All of the Free Project are covered by the Standard License.

Can I use the free project to create an End Product to sell?
Yes. You may use a free project to create an End Product and sell that End Product only for one single use. Plug-Ins and Add-ons may be used in unlimited End Products that may be sold unlimited times. See the terms of the Standard License for more information.

I’m a Studio owner. Can I submit my projects to be Free Project?
Yes! Here are instructions on how to submit a Free Project as well as all you need to know about offering Free Projects.